Friday, September 20, 2013



 Hello friends,

  I've noticed lately that cuffs have been everywhere. They seem to be a trend for this season. I like cuffs because they give an edgy look to an outfit. There are many designs and embellished cuffs to choose from but I like the classical plain look. I've combined a few here with their web links in case you like any of them. I hope you like this post! Have A Sweet Day :)

 1. Silver Cuffs: Asos           2. Gold Cuff:  Forever21   
3.  Plated Cuff: Forever21  4.Cutout Cuff:  Forever21
5. Silver Design: TopShop  6.Quilted Cuff:Forever21

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


  Rose Metal Two Tone Watches



Recently I've noticed this trend with watches. The rose metal two tone watches. The styles varied from one brand to the other but the trend continued by most watches' brands. I would say they were all inspired by the Rolex. Since the Rolex is the one that started the two tone metal watches. I've picked a few ones from famous brands, and the last three watches are all from target in case you wanted to get a stylish affordable one that carries the same trend. I have the all the links down below. I hope you enjoyed this post! Have A Sweet Day! 


 1. Rolex               2. Tiffany's             3. Cartier

  1. Tissot              2. Corum                  3. Citizen

  1. Target                2. Target                3. Target

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beautiful Shoes

     Shoes, Shoes, Shoes 


 I wanted to dedicate today's post to shoes. I've picked these shoes  from the Dior, Gucci, and Miu Miu websites. I love beautiful and colorful pumps! they can accentuate any simple outfit. I love the Dior elegant design. I admire Gucci's edgy style, and I really  like  the Miu Miu embellished feminine look. If you like any of these shoes, you can find them all on their websites. I hope you like my picks! Have A Sweet Day!



Sunday, August 4, 2013



Stack-able Rings Trend


 Stack-able rings are in trend now. Everywhere I go I see them in stores. I have picked out these rings with different designs. My favorite is this one below. Stackable rings actually add a cool edgy look to your outfit and make a great hand candy :)! I've listed all the links to these rings in case you decided you want to get one of them. I hope you enjoy this post and Have A Sweet Day!




       1.  Band Ring Pack                     2.Gradated 6 Ring Set 
   ASOS                                              H&M 
3. Rhinestone ring Set                  4.  4 Pack Ring
    Forever 21                                          ASOS

                                 1. Chevron Stack-able Rings       2. Jungle Stack-able Ring                                   
 Forever 21                                                 Forever 21
 3. 10 Pack Rings                            4. 9 Pack Rings
    H&M                                            H&M

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ear cuffs Accessories


The ear cuffs trend is everywhere these days. I think it's pretty cool and edgy. It gives the outfit a little spice.  Ear cuffs are cool accessories because you get to decorate your ears without having your ears pierced. How awesome is that! Personally, I like the wings, the leaves, and the Mohawk shaped ones.The prices vary from one store to another.  I picked these trendy and affordable ear cuffs for today's post. Let me know what you think! Have a sweet accessorized day! 



Wednesday July,10 2013 

Geometric Statement Necklaces


Geometric Statement Necklaces are in trend now.  There are different types of statement necklaces. I like the collar ones with the tribal pointy edge design . I also like the Geometric shaped ones. The statement necklaces can be worn with a solid shirt or a dress to make the whole outfit pop. You can also wear them with certain non overwhelming prints so that it won't clash. I hope you like my pick for today! Have a sweet day! 

Shard and Rhinestone Collar

Metal Track Necklace

                                                                            Metal Bib Neckla

Color Block Metal Statement Necklace


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


                                             Peplum Waist Belt



 These days I'm really into the peplum trend. I found this peplum leather metallic belt on ASOS. I thought it was genius. If you haven't noticed "in my style" but I'm really into metallic belts. I've also been looking for a nice peplum top or skirt but when I came across this belt, I thought wow, what an innovative idea. It has the combination of the two things I'm really into. So I think I will definitely end up getting it. You can pair this with a black shirt, or a black skirt. It would give the illusion that it's all one piece. Brilliant! 

You can find this belt on ASOS

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  1. I really LOVE this!! I want it lol!!
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