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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Short Story!

Hello Friends,

Today's story is to encourage and inspire young girls out there to not let anyone shake their confidence or make them feel bad about themselves. I hope you enjoy it, Have A Sweet Day!

 Don't Let Anyone Take Away Your Light! 


She wiped her tears and tried to get herself together right after an argument with the guy she was seeing. He had just left her place. A few minutes later her cell phone rang with a nice cool beat. She hesitated to answer but she picked it up anyway. Her friend Jessica was calling.

Nattalie: Hi Jessica
Jessica: Hi girl, how are you?
Nattalie: I'm ok, she said with a soft sad voice
Jessica: What's wrong?
Nattalie: hmm, nothing, just not feeling well.
Nattalie: I was calling to see if you wanted to meet me for coffee.
Nattalie: I don't think it's a good time
Nattalie: I think it is, you need to tell me what's going on.
Nattalie: Ok,What cafe do you want to meet at?
Jessica: I'm at the mall now, so the one in the mall.
Nattlie: Ok, I'll be there in an hour
Jessica: Ok, sounds good, see you soon sweetie

She got up and she decided to look her best because whenever she looks good, she feels good. So she showered, fixed her hair, and put light make up on. Then she headed to the closet and pulled a pretty white dress.She paired it with a  black blazer. She grabbed her light white scarf and wrapped it around her neck. Then she reached to her pink shoes and bag. Eventually, She left to the mall.

At the cafe

She saw Jessica waving her hand to get her attention.Then she walked towards her table.

Nattalie: Hi dear
Jessica: Hey sweetie, you look really good, but there is sadness in your eyes, what's going on?
Natalie:  Well, I had an argument with him.
Jessica: I can't believe you are still seeing him. What did he do this time?
The waiter interrupted them and brought their coffee that Jessica had ordered a few minutes before Nattalie arrived.
Waiter: Here is your coffee ladies. Enjoy
Nattalie & Jessica: Thank you
Nattalie was still silent and kept stirring her sugar & cream in her coffee.
Natalie: He called me fat!
Jessica: What?!! That's absurd! You need to dump him now. He is not good for you.
Nattalie: I don't know, do you think I'm fat!? I probably have gained five pounds or so recently. Oh my god, I'm fat!
Jessica: please don't let him make you believe this big lie! For god's sake, you are 105 lbs, which is too skinny for your height!!! even if you were fat, so what!? Who is he to say anything like that to you!? He is trying to bring you down to make himself feel better. He is just a miserable human being. Please don't let him have that control over you.
Nattalie: I don't know, I really like him, but I feel like he really brings me down all the time. I don't think he likes me as much as I like him. He just keeps leading me on.
Jessica: He doesn't even want to commit to you, you deserve better girl. You are beautiful inside and out.  I need to see your real self again. You haven't been the same since you met him.
Nattalie: You are right! I'm going to start a new chapter of my life which doesn't include him. Thank you so much for your support girl!
Jessica: You are welcome love. Just promise me to never let him or anyone take away your light!




Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Short Story: Reflection In Paris

 Reflection In Paris

She has just arrived to her hotel room in Paris. She opened the room's balcony door and took a look at the magnificent Eiffel Tower and the surrounding amazing view.  The breeze was passing by her cheeks and flowing through her room. The smell of rain was still fresh after it had just stopped raining. It was a refreshing moment. She witnessed the beautiful sunset while smoking her last cigarette. There was so much on her mind. Passionate ideas, an intertwined mixture of happy and disappointing thoughts,  and an empty feeling of loneliness. She is passionate about her designs. She is an American fashion designer. She came to Paris to show her designs and to be inspired by the whole fashion community in Paris. Tomorrow is her fashion show and she is pretty nervous. She had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes in one day to calm her nerves. She is not much of a smoker, but yet felt the urge to turn to cigarettes for temporary relief from her anxiety.  She is happy she has accomplished her dream goal, but tomorrow feels like a judgement day for her. It's all the critical fashion views that she might not be able to handle. She had worked really hard all her life to reach this moment. She is loathing for acceptance not disapproval.  That's not all what's on her mind. She is missing someone. Someone really special. The person who pushed her to get where she is now and who really believed in her. The only person she had ever loved. A day before she arrived to Paris she had a fight with him. She wanted him to be there at her show. To provide her with support and comfort. However, he couldn't leave his business. There were many issues and situations that needed to be addressed. So he was all tied up with his work. He really wanted to be there but couldn't. So After they argued, she left sad and disappointed to the conclusion that he won't make it. Now, she is missing him and thinking of him.
At the end of the night she went to bed hoping her show will be a success. The next day she woke up to a door knock. She received flowers from him that was delivered to her room with a card wishing her a great successful day. She was happy with that sweet gesture. It was like a motivation to kick her fears away and get ready for her special day. At the show, all the models were rocking her designs. Everyone was impressed with her collection. Her show was a great success. At the end of the show, when she came out waving to the crowd, she saw him standing and clapping for her. At that moment she felt complete. 

                                                                                                                              -Story by Nora



Short Story

Rainy Morning at the City Cafe


She woke up that morning feeling tired. She didn't have enough sleep. She stretched her hands and yawned. She got off of bed and went through her morning routine. She showered, made breakfast, blew dry her hair, put her make up on, and finally headed to the closet. It was an important day for her. She worked at a well known fashion magazine in the city. She had to impress her boss and client by her presentation. So she tried on a few outfits. Finally she decided to wear red. She thought it would be a powerful color and that it would make an impact. So she slipped on her professional red dress and paired it with her red heels. The moment she put it on, she felt confident with the way she looked which boosted her confidence towards her day!
She headed to work and when she arrived she had realized that she was an hour early. So she decided to head to the cafe near the building she works at. She thought to herself, "I'll get my coffee while looking over the presentation paperwork". The moment she sat on her chair, it started drizzling outside. Then the rain was pouring. She was distracted by the rain. She was sipping her first few sips of coffee while enjoying the city and the rain. Cars were passing by. People were running to work before getting drenched by the rain. Everything was moving fast but very slowly in her eyes. She couldn't remember when the last time was that she actually paid attention to the little things. She had been working non stop.  She was enjoying being in the moment, and she decided right then, that she would now take time to smell the flowers more often. A few minutes later, a handsome man saw her from outside the window of the cafe. He was taken by her beauty and elegance. He smiled and gazed at her for a few seconds. She smiled back and thought he was handsome. They shared a moment there. Then he continued walking. She felt a little dejected! Then she thought to herself she is being a little silly meeting someone through a cafe window! A few minutes later, he walked in the cafe, closed his umbrella and headed towards her.
"Can I join you" he said.. She felt startled at first in a good way. She didn't think this scenario would actually happen but she was happy it did. "Sure" she said. They were talking  and engaged in conversation until she had to go to work. He offered to walk with her since he had an umbrella, to protect  her from the rain. She agreed and was impressed with his sweet offer. They arrived inside her work building. "You look very beautiful," he said. Then he asked for her contact number, she gave it to him. Eventually, She headed to work with a big smile on her face!


  1. This is a beautiful story. Very engaging and bittersweet. Thanks for this!

  2. Love love love this short story! Good things happen on rainy days!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Oh thank you Lauren! That's sweet of you to say!

  3. I love this story:)
    my laptop went to sleep mode while I was reading it and it upset me because I was in the moment reading it, however eventually I finished reading it :)

    very beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Aaaww! Thanks Shadia! You rock for your sweet comment!



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