Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful & Artistic Moon & Stars Necklace!

Eternal Girl!

Hello friends,

Today I want to introduce you to Eternal Girl which is a great Jewelry and Gifts Shop on Etsy. What I love about the Jewelry is that it's very artistic and all the drawings/designs are hand made. How awesome is that!?
I love the combination of the modern designs and colors with the vintage looking glass frame. I think it's wonderful and very artistic to combine both.
I received this pretty moon and stars designed necklace from Eternal Girl, and I'm very pleased with it. The shop offers all kind of designs in beautiful colors and in black in white. In addition, you can do costume designs as well.  Also, you have the option of getting a short or long chain.  It's very moderately priced considering all the hard work that goes into it. The shipping and handling was fast. The necklace came in a pretty paper box.
You should definitely check out the Eternal Girl Shop for more amazing designs. You can click here to get connected to the shop. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fashion Couture!


 Couture Dress

Hello friends, 

This week's pick is from the Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2014 Couture Collection. I like the design of this dress because it's very artistic. I'm sure all the layers of fabric were really hard to assemble in that specific way. I also like the color of it. It's very different. This dress is definitely an eye catching dress. I would say it's great to look at and admire its artistic design but I'm not sure if it's functional :) I also really like the shoes. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Style: Neon With Black & White Polka Dots!

 Casual Dressy Look!

Hello friends,

I was happy to see that some of the snow has melted because I've been wanting to get some outfit photos outdoors but it's been snowing like crazy the past couple of weeks. Today's weather was pretty nice, so I decided to go out and use this opportunity to shoot some photos. In today's look, I've paired a mini black and white skater polka dots skirt, with black sweater, and a neon cardigan. I finished the look with stockings, booties, white purse and a statement white necklace. Let me know what you think of this look! Have A Sweet Day!

 Cardigan: Forever21, Sweater: NY&Company, Skirt: Forever21,
 Booties: Steve Madden,Purse: ASOS, Necklace: Bannana Republic

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nice Affordable Spring Outfit!


   Spring Chevron Outfit

Hello friends,

Since it's been snowing here non stop, it made me miss the beautiful spring weather.  So I decided to arrange a new spring outfit to look forward to. I saw this chevron dress on Ebay and I thought it would be really fun and stylish to wear in the Spring season.  I paired it with a few accessories (black floppy hat, sunglasses, sandals heels, and a whit bag) I've attached the links  to all the pieces down below in case you liked any of them. Let me know what you think? Have A Sweet Day!

   Chevron Dress: Ebay, Hat: Target, Heels: Forever21, Bag:  
 Forever21, Sungglasses: Forever21

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beauty: Strawberry Facial Mask!

 Natural Facial Mask! 

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you this facial mask. It's very easy to prepare and it consists of only two ingredients: Strawberries and Honey. Strawberries are great for the skin because they are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. They also have the alpha-hydroxy acid & Salicilic Acid substances. Antioxidants fight free radicals which causes aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Vitamin C leaves the skin with a clear complexion, and prevents fine lines. Alpha-hydroxy acid removes dead skin cells leaving the skin youthful and glowing. Salicilic acid helps in clearing acne.
4 strawberries, 1tbs of honey, and a clean towel. 
1. In a bowl, mash the four strawberries with a fork until it becomes a past. 
2. Add the 1tbs of honey until completely mixed
3. Apply to the face and rub in circular motion then wait 15 minutes. 
4. Wet the towel with warm water and wipe the mask off of your face. The reason for the warm towel is to open your pores. 
5. Once the face is completely clean, wet the  other side of the towel with cold water and wipe your face to close the pores. 
Do this mask weekly and you will see a difference in your skin. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you used a strawberry mask before? Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Nail Art Inspirations!

Nail Art Inspirations

Hello friends,

I love nail art and I would love to learn more about it. While I was browsing on pinterest today, I found a few nail art Valentine's Day inspired looks and I thought of sharing it with you. Which one is your favorite? Let me know. Have A Sweet Day

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Ideas For Him & Her!

 Valentine's Gift Guide!

Hello friends,

Now that Valentine's day is coming soon, I wanted to share with you this video that I made as a  Valentine's Day gift guide ideas for him and her. The guide has expensive and diy ideas. Some ideas are similar for him and her, and others are more specific for each.  I hope it's helpful. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fashion Couture!

       Fashion Couture Dress! 

Hello friends,

This week's pick is from the Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture Collection. I love how dreamy this dress is. I love the lace detailing and how it flows effortlessly. Let's talk about the color. I'm in love with this lavender color. It's just beautiful. The leaf golden belt just fits great with this dress. This dress definitely screams a spring dream. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Style: Boyfriend Jeans & Black!

 Casual Stylish Outfit! 

I love how boyfriend jeans are so comfortable and yet stylish at the same time. Today I wore this boyfriend jeans that I got from Zara. I paired it with a black shirt that is infused with different bright popping colors, and a black cardigan. I finished the look with black heels, and a black belt. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day!

  Boyfriend jeans:Zara, Cardigan: H&M, Shirt: forever21,
    Heels: Aldo, Belt: Guess, Purse: ASOS

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Affordable Trendy Outfit


  Casual Dressy Chic Outfit

Hello friends, 

Today I would like to share with you this outfit that I've assembled. Boyfriend jeans has been trending everywhere and I really like how comfortable yet stylish it is. I paired a boyfriend jeans with a striped blue shirt, a navy blazer, striped heels, a navy necklace, sunglasses and this amazing half clear satchel. I'm in love with this bag. I found it on daily look. I will link all of these items down below. Let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day

 Blazer: H&M, Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Forever21, necklace: Forever21 
 Satchel/bag: Dailylook, Heels: forever21, Sunglasses: Forever21


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