Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty DIY: Natural Ways To Lighten Up Your Hair!

Hello everyone, 

Today I would like to share with you a couple of ways to lighten up your hair naturally.

First method: Lemon juice & sunlight
If your hair is long: mix one cup of lemon juice and one cup of water in a spray bottle. Then shake well and start spraying your hair with the solution. Once you are done, go outside and sit in the sun for about an hour or two (don't forget to wear your sunscreen!)
 The sunlight will activate the citric acid and open up the cuticles of your hair. Eventually, shampoo and condition your hair as usual. The lemon juice is going to dry up your hair so make sure to condition it well. Do this a couple of times a week and you will see a noticeable results within a month. 

Second method: Honey & Sunlight

Mix 4 parts of honey and one part water. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes. Then  apply the solution to your hair. Make sure to drape a towel over your shoulders so you won't ruin your clothes. After that, sit in the sun for an hour or you can just put a cap on your hair and wait inside for a couple of hours. Shampoo and condition as usual. Do this once or twice a week until your see results. 

Have you tried these methods before? I hope you enjoyed this Beauty DIY post. Let me know what you think, and have a sweet day:)


  1. I have never heard of these methods before! I usually get my hair dyed and it damages my hair pretty bad :S
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Nora, i much prefer these more natural methods of lightening hair, so much safer and healthier, thanks for sharing hun, hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Nice tips :)

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  4. Grat ideas. I´ve never heard about any of them. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. I've heard about lemon method, but I haven't tried it: my hair is very light naturally ;)

  6. Great post dear,thanks for sharing.
    Love the idea of using natural products
    Keep intouch

  7. Great post! I've heard about the lemon method. I have my natural brown hair, but I'm thinkig about trying this method and have some nice soft highlights for summer :)

    ♥ Oxana
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  8. Nice post ;)

  9. This is such a good idea! I will have to try it when the sun comes out :) xxx

  10. Great post, I've wanted do get my hair lighter in a natural way for a long time, but since my hairdresser told me that the lemon juice can be demanding on your hair I've never tried it yet..

    I just found your blog and I love it! :)
    Greetings from Finland, follow back?

  11. I will have to bookmark this post!


  12. Must try it hun, it seems fantastic!


  13. Wonderful post, i really like the fact, that it is natural, so you don't expose yourself to a lot of chemicals.. Lovely blog you've got!

  14. i havent heard about the lemon one, but honey is really good for the hair.

  15. I remember using the first tip when I was like 15 and I had my natural hair color which is light brown and it worked ;)
    Wish you an amazing week! :)

  16. Amazing!)) I’m following you with GFC, hope you’ll do the same <3

  17. lovely! I will have to try that when winter makes my hair all dull. ps- would you like to follow each other on GFC and Instagram? follow me and i'll follow back :)

  18. Nice post, very useful..I've never heard of this method before...but it sounds like a really good natural way of getting ur hair lighter
    Ur new follower on bloglovin

  19. Nice post!

  20. i'm defently gonna try it! thankyou for this idea, name sister! xx

  21. Me encantan los Diy!!! lo probare!

    Me parece genial tu blog, ¿te gustaria Que nos siguieramos?
    Pasatee ♥

  22. great advices...i like this post..thanks for sharing..
    i'm a new follower, follow me back if you want
    kisses from italy

  23. Great tips Nora, thanks for sharing :)

  24. I will try that maybe help with my hair .. I hope so : D



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