Monday, June 1, 2015

Spring Outfit: Floral Printed Shirt With Navy Pants!

Spring Casual Outfit!

It's been a while again. I've been busy with so many things including starting a business. Also, I've gotten 2 new kittens. So they have been a lot of work. Life has been busy but I love it. Also if you guys have noticed, I've cut my hair :) I missed blogging though. A couple of weeks ago my fiancee and I went on a day-cation (a one day vacation lol) to Eastern Shore which is a nice beachy area in Maryland. We went to this cabin where the "Wedding Crashers" movie was filmed! It's a beautiful cabin. It's called the "Perry Cabin". The downtown area is just very historic and full of interesting little tourists shops that are waiting to be explored. In addition to many places that has bed and breakfast rooms. 
So since it was a nice day I decided to wear this floral shirt and pair it with a navy pants. Since we were going to do a lot of walking I decided to wear my Nike sneakers to be more practical and comfortable. Let me know what you guys think! I truly miss being in the blog-sphere and I'm happy to be back with a new post! Have A Sweet Day!

             Floral Shirt: Guess, Navy Pants: Express, Sneakers: Nike


  1. I missed you! Well, at least you had a great excuse for not being here. Good luck with your business! 2 kittens, how cute! :) I love your hair like that, the outfit is perfect and so is the location. I remember that movie :)

  2. Lovely!) Great look!)

  3. Nice confort and casual outfit! awesome views!

    I invite you to visit my blog and follow if you liked it! I can follow you back if you want...

    See you soon, regard :)

    Enai's Soul

  4. nice pictures :)


  5. follow me i follow back

  6. love this outfit and in generally your style, so you got a new follower now :)

    Love ♥


  7. nice pictures, love the blouse ;)



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