Friday, August 9, 2013

Natural Treatments To avoid And Get Rid Of Dark Circles


How to Avoid And Get Rid Of Dark Circles?

The skin under the eyes is very thin and when it's triggered by certain habits or sickness, it can cause the blood vessels to show through it which gives the look of dark circles. Dark circles make you look tired or sick. There are many reasons that can cause the dark circles. Such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, kidney problems, allergies, weakness, lack of hydration and sometimes it's hereditary. To enhance the look and health of your skin under your eyes, there need to be a change of habits, in addition to  some natural treatments.

Habitual changes:

1. Sleep at least 8 hours a day to give your skin the chance to repair and rejuvenate.
2. Drink Plenty of water to prevent dehydration
3. Include cardiovascular exercises in your exercise routine to increase blood flow
4. No smoking and no alcohol because they cause lack of hydration
5. Eat Healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables. 

Natural treatments to be applied:

1.  Mix a little bit of lemon juice with some fresh mint leaves and apply directly 
    under the eyes every night before bed. Leave it in for 15 minutes then rinse your face.
    You will see a difference in 2-3 weeks. lemons are known for its skin brightening qualities.
2. Apply cucumber slices to the skin under the eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Do this twice  
    daily. Cucumber is full of antioxidant and it will brighten and reduce puffiness.
3. Apply Almond oil directly to the skin under your eyes. Do this twice daily. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have A Sweet Day!


  1. This is a nice post (: thanks for the tips and advice! Definitely gonna try them to get rid of dark circles! xx

  2. I thought there was no way to avoid dark circles. I will try this esp. all three nautral treatments. Thanks for sharing and wish you a great weekend.

    xx Mira

    1. Yeah try them! They work! Have a nice weekend as well!

  3. Great post dear :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this post, great tips! :)
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thanks Tijana! Have a nice weekend too!

  5. Have you tried these out? Good tips!

    1. Thanks! yes I've tried the lemon and cucumber treatments! the work!

  6. Thank you for the tips!
    would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin, let me know

  7. I'm already doing the 5 things, but I still have dark circles. I think that they show even more because my skin is pale. Or I don't know...

    1. Try the lemon treatments! You will see a difference!



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