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Free Topic! Types of Fabric

      Types of Fabric

There are many types of natural and synthetic fabric. I've chosen the most common used fabric to discuss in this post. It's important to know what are the clothes made of to be able to take care of it accordingly.

1. Cotton: 
    Cotton is natural fiber and it's  extracted from the cotton plant. It's one of the most common type of fabric. Cotton is a strong fabric, absorbent and easy to work with. Cotton has a tendency to shrink and to wrinkle. It's easy to take care of cotton clothing. It can be machine washed or dry cleaned. 

2. Nylon:
   Nylon is a chemically synthetic fiber. Nylon is known for it's property to resist moisture/water, and it dries fast.  It can be found in rain coats, swimwear, and active wear. Nylon should be washed in a cold water separate from other clothes, and dried either by air drying or setting the dryer on the coolest setting. 

3. Polyester:
    Polyester is also a chemically synthetic fiber. It's a strong fiber and it's known for its property to resist wrinkles. It's often blended with other fabric to provide the wrinkles resistance quality. It's not easy to remove stains from polyester. Polyester fabric can be easily washed in the washing machine and air dried or dried using the dryer on low heat setting.

4. Linen:
   Linen is a natural fiber made out of the Flax plant. It's very popular for home use but also can be used in clothing. It can be found in forms of curtains, table cloth, bed sheets, etc.. It's a strong and comfortable fabric. Linen can be hand washed, and/or dry cleaned only. It irons into a nice crisp fabric. 

5. Acrylic: 

    Acrylic is a chemically synthetic fabric. Acrylic fabric has the property of retaining its shape and texture after being washed and dried. Acrylic is widely used in knits, upholstery, covering and rugs. It's a soft and lightweight fiber. Acrylic fabric is machine washable. 

6. Acetate: 
    Acetate is a chemically synthetic fabric. Acetate fabric has the property of moisture resistance and it dries easily. Acetate fabric has the appearance of a luxurious and silky look and feel to it. It's used in clothing and some home furnishing. Most Acetate made clothing need to be dry cleaned.


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