Sunday, December 29, 2013

Firmoo Glasses

      Firmoo Free Glasses

 is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices.The low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. Multiple inspections of eyewear by their team are being executed before shipping to their customers to ensure 100% accuracy of prescriptions, enhancing the physical well-being of their customers. is offering free glasses from their "first pair free program" Here is the link on how to get your own free,They have a wide variety to choose from, so you will find exactly what you are looking for. The process of ordering your glasses is very easy, you can even try the glasses on virtually by uploading your own photo to see how it would fit you. How awesome is that!
 My experience with them has been very smooth and amazing. I ordered my glasses after trying a few on virtually and they were shipped right away. I received them within a week or so. When I opened the package I was impressed by the quality of the glasses. The frame is very durable. I loved the red color, and the design of the frame. They looked the same on me as when I tried them on virtually.  It also came with a very elegant black case to keep the glasses in when not in use. In addition it came with a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the glasses, and tiny screws and screw driver fixing tool kit. I ordered mine without any prescription because I don't really need to wear glasses, I just thought the design is great and fashionable. So my overall experience was very pleasant and I'm very happy with them. I like them very much. I took a few photos here. Also, I have attached few links to other glasses that I liked you can check them out down below. so let me know what you think! Have A Sweet Day & Happy New Year!


  1. Great shots! You look c very sexy with these glasses!

  2. great glasses :)

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  5. you look so cute ;)

  6. The glasses suits you so much! You look beautiful! And I love the whole concept of the photos as well. Firmoo is great, I couldn't recommend it enough! :)

  7. Love the pictures! So bright!

    ♥ Happy Holidays!
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  8. You look so pretty! I've heard about the free Firmoo glasses before and am always thinking whether to order them or not. I think your post convinced me to do so ;)

  9. Perfect red eyeglasses. You look gorgeous with them. :)

  10. Those glasses look great on you!


  11. Hi!
    I really like your blog!
    You follow me? and I follow you back!
    Happy new year

  12. those glasses suit you!

  13. OMG, thank you for the info! Going to order some right now! You look gorgeous!

  14. Great review. I wish you a very happy New Year. Happiness and Love and Sunshine along the way.

  15. You look fabulous and the pictures are really nice! I'm following your blog on Bloglovin, GFC and Instagram. Want to follow back?
    Happy 2014!!

  16. The red is gorgeous, so striking! I love your pictures! :-)




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