Friday, July 26, 2013


Clay Jewelery DIY!

                                            Today's post is about  
                                             making Jewlery by using  
                                             oven bake clay.It's fun 
                                             and easy DIY to make.You
                                             can be creative and mold 
                                             the clay  into whatever 
                                             shape you like.


1.  Oven Bake Clay                                       
2. Hot Glue                                                
3. Acrylic Colors (optional)                                             
3. Plastic knife                                               
4. Safety pin                                                 
5. Sparkly Nail Polish                                      
6. Stencils of the shape you desire
 (optional if you can't shape what you want) 
7. basic ring
8. Necklace/ Chain


 Start by shaping your clay in the desired shape. I made a heart pendant for a necklace and a flower for a ring. For the heart I just molded the clay in the shape of a heart  using a plastic knife. If you can't do it, just print a heart on a piece of paper, cut it out, then place it on top of the flattened clay and use it as a reference to cut  around it until you achieve the heart look. Once you have your heart pendant, make two holes on top of the heart, we do this to be able to insert a chain through the pendant. Bake the  pendant according to the directions on your clay which is usually 275 F degrees for 15 minutes. Once the pendant  is cooled. Start painting  if you would like, or you can customize it as you wish. I painted it red and  used a stencil with the letter "N", and then used sparkly nail polish to give it a finished look. Insert the chain through the holes and now you have your own hand made  customized pendant.  For the flower  I shaped it by molding little pieces of clay into tear drops, then I attached them together to form the flower. After that I molded a circular flattened piece of white clay to put it in the middle. I baked the flower and attached to the a ring using hot glue. That's it. I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Have a Sweet Day!            



  1. it´s so cute :)

  2. very nice and you did a great job. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks Denisa! Have a great weekend!

  3. This is great! :)



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