Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Basics

Clothes Basics


 Basics are really important when it comes to forming outfits. They are the main characteristic background to the outfits.  You can create so many looks with the basics alone. Also, hundreds of looks when mixing with other clothing items. Let me know if you want me to make a post of creating outfits with basics. Like you see in the photo above, I've compiled all the basics needed that works for all seasons. I will list them here for you:

1. White short sleeves T-shirt                6. Black button Shirt           11. Black Dress 
2. Black short sleeves T-shirt                 7. Jeans                             12. Fitted Black Blazer  
3. White long sleeves T-Shirt                 8. Neutral Cardigan             13. Black Pencil Skirt
4. Black long Sleeves T-shirt                  9. White Button Shirt           14. Black Pumps
5. Denim Jacket                                   10. Black Pants                     15. Ankle boot  
16. Sneakers                                        17. Sandals             

I hope you like this post! Have a Sweet Day!


  1. Great pieces !!

  2. Very insightful pieces. Your general layout by the way is the best I"ve ever seen. Very nice!!

    1. Thank you James! That's very sweet of you!

  3. Love them all! You can get wrong with basics! ;)



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