Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to organize your closet on a budget!

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Organizing Closet On a Budget!


Messy closet can really affect how you style yourself because you won't be able to find the right top to go with the right pants, or the right accessories with the right dress and so forth. So organizing your closet is critical to how you look and feel. 

However, if you are on a budget it can be tough to find the right organizational tools to help you organize your closet. Closet organizers can be pretty pricey. Well, I did the research for you and found out a few things that you can add to enhance the look and feel of your closet on a budget.

1. Instead of dressers, I found this 9 cube organizer that you can use as a dresser to put in your pants, t-shirts, or anything that fits. It's actually pretty spacious and it will fit many clothing items. It's only $39.99 and it is a very great organizer. It will save you space and get rid of the clutter. It will also give the feel of an organized space because everything will be easy to see and grab. It fits any regular size closet and definitely a walk in closet.
You can buy this from Target.

2. Shoes organizers: I found these two organizers that are pretty inexpensive and they will store your shoes in an organized way. 

<==This one is from Target

               This one is from Ikea==>

3. Add shelves if you have space in your closet. You can put more clothing items or accessories like bags, or even more shoes depending on what you have. You can find this at Ikea 

 4. Add hooks  to the wall or even the door of the closet to hang bags, jackets or anything you want.You can find this at target

5. For other items like belts, panty hose, underwear, socks, etc.. you can get this drawer organizer that you can put on a shelf or inside the 9 cube organizer. Also, you can get this hanger with circular loops to hang belts & scarves.  


You can find both at Ikea.
Here are the links for both
1. Drawer         2. Hanger

6. You can also find hangers at target or IKEA. You can choose from different types of hangers just make sure they are all the same color to give it a more coordination and organizational feel.

In terms of how to organize clothes, you can do it by categories which I prefer like dresses, work shirts, dressy pants, jeans, skirts, tops and blouses, etc... Or you can do it by color. So do it the way that makes you feel comfortable. For laundry, you can get any hamper, basket, or even a bag. Also, Keep the clothing items you wear on a daily basis more accessible, while the ones you don't wear that often on the top shelves. I hope this post was useful. Have a sweet organized day :)!


  1. Lovely update (: I'm totally trying this out. xx

    1. Thanks Birdie! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. Great post! I love all the organizing ideas and advices! :)

  3. You are absolutely right! I'm trying to organize my closet once a month.I have a 3 years old boy, and if you're a mom and fashion blogger organizing is a MUST.Love your post!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I can only imagine how having a child can influence organization! I'm sure being a mom is awesome though!



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