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How to dress for your Body Shape?

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Body types varies in shape. There are four main body types. The apple, The rectangle/straight, the Pear, and the hour glass. The first key to dressing your body is to know your body shape.
But how do you know your body shape? Well, it's all in the measurements.

1. Measure your bust
You do that by measuring  the circumference of it at the fullest point.
2. Measure your waist
You do that by surrounding the measuring tape around your waist
3. Measure your Hips
You measure your hips by surrounding the measuring tape around your hips at the largest or fullest point.

Then You can compare your measurements to the main body types.

1. The Apple: The apple shape is  defined when your shoulders and bust size are larger than your waist and your hips.

2. The Rectangle/Straight: You know your body a rectangle shape is when your bust, waist, and hips are almost proportionate in size. That means when your measurements are very close to each other and your waist is less than 8" in size comparing to your bust and hips, you are considered a rectangle or straight body shape.

3. The Pear:
The pear shape is defined when your shoulders and bust are significantly smaller comparing to your hips. The pear shape tend to have small waist as well.

4. The Hour glass:
The hour glass is defined when the bust and hips have the same measurements combined with a tiny waist. 

If you still can't figure out your body type you can put in your measurements in this calculator here and it will tell you your body type.

Once you figure out your body type, it will be easy to dress for it.

For the Apple Shape: 

Your best feature is your legs. You goal is to elongate and flatten your midsection while creating the illusion of a waist. You can do that by:

1. Wear a V neck to elongate your torso
2.  Wear a belt to accentuate your waist
3.  wear short dresses and skirts to show your legs
4. Wear tops that has a waist directly under your bust
5. Wear flare and boot cut pants
6. Wear a supportive non padded bra to lift your bust

   For the Rectangle or Straight body type:

      Your best features are your legs and arms. Your goal is to  create curves and
       show off  your legs and arms and you do that by:

         1. Wearing ruffles will create the illusion of curves, ruffled tops and skirts
         2. Wear boot cut pants to show off your legs
         3. wear fitted jackets which will give the illusion of having a smaller waist
         4. Wear flared skirts and dresses
         5. Wear a supportive cushioned bra
         6. Wear a belt to accentuate your waist
For the Pear Shape:

Your best features are your shoulders, torso and flat stomach. Your fashion goal is to add volume to your shoulders, show your waist and arms, and draw attention away from your hips. You can do that by

1. Wear Strapless tops and dresses to show your shoulders
2. Wear (A) shaped skirts and dresses to draw attention from your hips
3. Wear short padded jackets that end above the waist line
4. Wear Ruffled tops
5. Wear boat neck line and square tops/dresses to show your shoulders
6. Wear a supportive padded bra

For the hour glass shape:
   Your best features are your curves. Your fashion goal is to show off your
   curves.  You can do that by:

  1. Wear fitted tops, skirts and dresses to show off your curves
       and avoid baggy clothes
  2. wear High waist-ed skirts to show your waist
  3. Wear skinny or boot cut jeans
  4. Wear a belt to accentuate and show off your tiny waist
  5. wear a supportive non padded bra

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